Saturday, 19 November 2011

would give anything

to smell this scent again. pure love <3

peony pictures

Some behind the scenes pictures of the shoot on HMS Wellington with Amy and the fantastic d1 agency models Tatiana Makrinova and Sycha Mubiaya.

Friday, 11 November 2011

wellington wonders

The lack of blogs is due to extreme business with a university deadline and what I'm about to share with you.

Wednesday 9th November was a day of celebration, as my university - Solent - were the proud people to award Dannii Minogue (Check out her new book!) an honorary Doctorate of Media. She was the perfect candidate for the award, with a vivid showcase of craftsmanship within the media industry, also with a belt of contribution added too.

I was part of the creative design team chosen to represent Solent's Media and Arts faculty and to come up with some designs to compliment an up and coming designer whose collection was based around the Peony flower and its dark, entwining meanings. The colour palette was kept neutral and soft, make-up minimal but seductive, and with a hint of illumination. We arrived at the Illamasqua store to prep the two professional models in the school of make-up art (Competition memories for me!) at half 8. Met the models at around quarter past 9, and started working at half 9. The difference in skin tone was great practice for me, and I found the glowing tones worked really well with darker skin, illuminating her like a sun-kissed goddess. I enjoyed working with the hair stylist, and I think we really complimented each other well. The stylist Amy was a pleasure to work with also, proving to provide personal entertainment as the day went on, comparing herself with Bridget Jones in social situations ('CHARDONNAY!')

When prep was complete at the store, we all got in a taxi which took us to the ship (HQS WELLINGTON) opposite Temple underground, and we made our way inside. After a brief toilet break and chill out session, we made our way onto the front deck for the champagne reception and to start shooting and portraying what the artistic part of the university does so well. It was there where we met Miss Minogue in person, and she was friendly to us all, and very interested in the designs we created for the live event. We then moved to the lower deck, where the shooting set up was equipped and adorned with antiques and in a very characteristic library. This was my favourite of the set ups, as it set the scene and allowed for imagination to run wild with stories as the shoot went on. This was where the guests had a buffet lunch after the award ceremony.

Overall, it was a brilliant day, and I would love to work with the other 2 creatives again for my portfolio, and we're all up for creating some exciting shots!

That's all on that, ciao for now! A x

Monday, 17 October 2011

'just beautiful'

were the words used to describe my makeup work by Alex Box as she sat in her chair to judge me. I stepped out of the prep room with shaking hands, and a nervous stance, but it all went calm after I was greeted by such an amazing and friendly atmosphere of people all ready and eager to hear about my work.
I'd just been through an hour and half to transform my sister from ordinary girl to the Queen of Agoraphobia - the name of my Illamasqua design and (in my opinion) my best work so far.
After an early start to the day, my sister (who's first time it was coming to London) and I travelled the train and tube to oxford street, where we began our walk to Beak St. It wasn't long until we got lost, and I had to whip my map out. Asking random indian men in a fabric shop where Hamley's was (cos it was right by beak st), only to find we'd quite clearly walked past it and ignored the security guards standing on podiums dressed as toy soldiers. I think we were too much on a mission to notice where we were going to be honest haha!! So, after walking back up to Hamley's (under A LOT of scaffolding may I add, which added to my bad luck superstitions for the day), we arrived.
It was still too early when we arrived at Beak st, so we had a walk around and decided to wind down our nervousness in a little foreign cafe where we had a little lunch. I could barely eat anything because I felt sick with nerves. I always get so nervous for no understandable reason, but this was an achievement for me (I never win ANYTHING and always have bad luck!). I saw another girl in the cafe come in with sheets of paper rolled up, I thought it could be another contestant, and it turned out it was! I have a good eye for things, me. She was lovely and we had a little chat about how nervous we both were, but it seemed to calm us down.
We all had an order to present to the curtain judges, so we had to sit at our stations in that order. I was happy I knew the other two girls, so the atmosphere wasn't so cold/wary. I had a little trouble (or a lot rather) with my Illamasqua makeup belt, that I was holding us all up and we started late, ooooh dear haha! But I managed to get it on with the help of Spob (thankyou!). Then, it began.
We were being judged during the hr and 30 by spob and david, both part of the Illamasqua Team, with lots of experience. They came round and asked us questions, jotted down notes and looked at our boards while we painted. About 30 minutes in I started to panic, as the blue base colour of my design wasn't applying how it should have been and I thought I'd ruined it already. I couldn't let this show in my attitude and expression, so I tried to carry on regardless of my worries. Time went on, and before I knew it, Spob was calling out '20 seconds, .... 10...' I had just stopped highlighting my look with the Pure Pigment in Beguile (which went EVERYWHERE), when time was up. I was proud of my design and how it looked in the end.
Then, Josephine told us we had our presentations. Now I'm never good at presenting my work, but I had no idea what to say anyway. I was second out the curtain, so I just went through some brief key points in my head, tottling around the make-up room nervously. Kat (one of the contestants), gave me a final thumbs up and a reassurance that I'd be ok, which was lovely as she is an amazing person who just instantly calms you when you're overly worrying (which I do a lot, evidently). I was struggling to breathe a little, knowing one of my inspirations may be out there (Illamasqua's creative director). It wasn't long until I was called, so I went out with a confident but content smile on my face, and became slightly flustered by the several cameras, and Alex Box was sitting there ready to judge me on creativity, relevance to the brief, and how well I'd incorporated my products. It was her! I could hardly believe I was meeting her. I look at her book of work with Rankin almost everyday.
I spoke about what my inspiration was, and talked them through my mood boards and what the mood of my look entailed. I had a few question from Alex, but I wasn't too nervous to answer with clarity. I think I approached it professionally and everyone seemed to be really enjoying what they were seeing design-wise. She told my model to turn around so she could get a better idea of the makeup, and said it was absolutely beautiful. Words like those from an inspiration of mine are so very much appreciated, and I was happy I had a warm reception. Then we all went for photos with the photographer (who shoots many of the Illamasqua campaigns) and I was astounded at the quality of the photographs (pre-edit) that I saw on the monitor. I wanted to portray the story of a creature who ultimately finds her own skin through the trials of a terrible life she had been leading due to this crippling phobia of the outside world.

So, after all that, and more, we went back home with a calmness and a sense of relief, but also success. It went well, there were a few complications but I managed to fix them and stay professional throughout. I was so lucky to be a part of it, and to get this far is such a huge achievement, I will remember this day for a long long time.

So, here is my final design. You must have Facebook, and to vote, just 'like' the image (also have a look at the others' work - they are outstanding!)


'A strange agoraphobic creature lives concealed on the darker side of life. Void of emotion, only paranoia and self-revulsion remain.
Awake and unafraid,
Asleep or dead.'

Monday, 10 October 2011

7 days

gone, of the year i anticipate most.
A week of introductory lectures (and they have a microphone this year!) and lessons proved to be strenuous but i was glad i attended them all. If you missed one, you're stumped - lemme tell you that for a fact!!
This is week is starting (or researching more) on our dissertation projects, and carrying on our professional context from the summer. My lack of work experience seemed fatefully daunting to me, but I did look at a past work of industrial research which apparently was a good example, so I feel slightly better about not being able to gain any physical experience. It works out equal enough, and not bias, so I'm thankful for that.
Today I woke up at half 8, had a dream about the movie Chicago - probably because I was looking at the photos from a jazz and burlesque event I sang at last saturday, before I went to bed. Banged my left knee, so I'll have symmetrical bruises by the end of tonight, and could hardly stomach a bit of breakfast. I do hate mornings, but it's better to wake up earlier than planned to wake yourself up a little bit more.
Anyway, going to meet my friend who's just as nerdy as me so we can (try) and get some work done now.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

a reflection of the present...

... to the future.

Just a number of days until what mounts to be the third and final year of another life I've been living since I was 18. University has brought me a realm of people who are now some of my bestest friends. But I've been thinking, something or someone must be watching over my choices or some form of nature takes into account what i'm thinking, 'cos I honestly don't think I could have gotten the friends I have now, if things were to be different. I wonder if anybody else feels the same as I do. If anyone wouldn't change anything in the past because it's brought you to a place where simplicity meets challenge, but in a good way. And where the meeting of people can form lifelong friendships in the blink of an eye. There's hoping, and then there's reality. What will be after this year?
My views on how to take this year are to do everything whole heartedly - not that I didn't before, but just to make sure I don't regret anything along the way.
Not to ask for things that may come naturally. The best things come to those who wait. Always a firm believer of that.
What will be will be.
So here's to a potentially life changing year, and with the coming summer months bound to zoom by any time soon, I'm excited, but nervous and dumbfounded all at the same rate.

Monday, 26 September 2011

and the winner is...

Having followed the 2011 series of Britain & Ireland's next top model, I have had two firm favourites in mind since midway through the competition. I am always a fan of this show, as it portrays a good sense of reality into what the modelling/makeup/hair design industry is all about, including runway and print work. I always come out of watching episodes with a firm view or a new and avid knowledge gained. Juste and Jade were were faves from pretty much the beginning and I was so happy they made the final! the judges know their business!
Jade is beautiful in every possible way and worked so hard in achieving her goal, that she deserved to win everything she did.

Jade Thompson
she's gonna be big.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa sigh

Nicholas Kirkwood - Autumn/Winter '11 Shoes Collection.

Such an intricate and unique design! Sometimes I think there is no way this type of shoe, from it's design, can possibly hold a person or even stand alone!
this one in particular reminds me of a black swan with its elegant and curvacious profile shape, and it's very Royal looking.

fave ads

some amazing adverts that i loooooove

and so it begins

ola people!

I don't have a clue what I'm doing or trying to achieve with a blog... but having read the latest posts of my closest friends blogger, I decided to give it a go. After all, what's the harm, right?

 As an up and coming Makeup Artist and Designer, I think I have decided to engage all my inspiration I draw from things for my makeup designing into this blog. With the Illamasqua Distinction in Makeup Art awards, it has been literally the only thing, bar others, that's been fostering my mind for the past few weeks, so what better to start my blog than an excerpt from my design inspiration.

Stemming from a university project about a cable horror show, I created a 'host' character from a story about a woman turned volatile creature living in an agoraphobic state, as a consequence of a lack of love in her life. She torments herself physically and psychologically as a result of the dark atmosphere she puts herself in. Consequently, she becomes void of any sense and emotion, and all that remains is self-revulsion and a lack of reality. While I was figuring this idea out, I was listening to 'Famous Last Words' by My Chemical Romance in which Gerard wrote the lyrics for his brother as he was going through a depressive phase and wanted out with the band. The lyrics I found to be stimulating creatively through my story, and could be a good contributing factor in terms of storyline and mood.

One of my good literary friends sent me one of her poems (she writes a lot and loves it, the geek :P), and this is amazing:

Waking nightmares, falling tears
World of darkness, midnight fears
Stifled cries, silent screams
Painful memories, broken dreams
Glistening blade, impulse dread
Instant relief, lines of red
Streaming crimson, lifetime pain
Empty feelings, alone again

Deep emotion, crying eyes
Distant hope, slowly dies

Mind unfocused, falling fast
Damaged life, unwanted past
Hidden truth, protective guise
Self hatred, intense despise
Fading light, nowhere to hide
Shattered soul, dying inside.

So yeah, this is my inspiration of the design for the live finals! But I'm not showing you the design until it's put up on the Illamasqua website, so no peeking!