Monday, 10 October 2011

7 days

gone, of the year i anticipate most.
A week of introductory lectures (and they have a microphone this year!) and lessons proved to be strenuous but i was glad i attended them all. If you missed one, you're stumped - lemme tell you that for a fact!!
This is week is starting (or researching more) on our dissertation projects, and carrying on our professional context from the summer. My lack of work experience seemed fatefully daunting to me, but I did look at a past work of industrial research which apparently was a good example, so I feel slightly better about not being able to gain any physical experience. It works out equal enough, and not bias, so I'm thankful for that.
Today I woke up at half 8, had a dream about the movie Chicago - probably because I was looking at the photos from a jazz and burlesque event I sang at last saturday, before I went to bed. Banged my left knee, so I'll have symmetrical bruises by the end of tonight, and could hardly stomach a bit of breakfast. I do hate mornings, but it's better to wake up earlier than planned to wake yourself up a little bit more.
Anyway, going to meet my friend who's just as nerdy as me so we can (try) and get some work done now.

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