Friday, 11 November 2011

wellington wonders

The lack of blogs is due to extreme business with a university deadline and what I'm about to share with you.

Wednesday 9th November was a day of celebration, as my university - Solent - were the proud people to award Dannii Minogue (Check out her new book!) an honorary Doctorate of Media. She was the perfect candidate for the award, with a vivid showcase of craftsmanship within the media industry, also with a belt of contribution added too.

I was part of the creative design team chosen to represent Solent's Media and Arts faculty and to come up with some designs to compliment an up and coming designer whose collection was based around the Peony flower and its dark, entwining meanings. The colour palette was kept neutral and soft, make-up minimal but seductive, and with a hint of illumination. We arrived at the Illamasqua store to prep the two professional models in the school of make-up art (Competition memories for me!) at half 8. Met the models at around quarter past 9, and started working at half 9. The difference in skin tone was great practice for me, and I found the glowing tones worked really well with darker skin, illuminating her like a sun-kissed goddess. I enjoyed working with the hair stylist, and I think we really complimented each other well. The stylist Amy was a pleasure to work with also, proving to provide personal entertainment as the day went on, comparing herself with Bridget Jones in social situations ('CHARDONNAY!')

When prep was complete at the store, we all got in a taxi which took us to the ship (HQS WELLINGTON) opposite Temple underground, and we made our way inside. After a brief toilet break and chill out session, we made our way onto the front deck for the champagne reception and to start shooting and portraying what the artistic part of the university does so well. It was there where we met Miss Minogue in person, and she was friendly to us all, and very interested in the designs we created for the live event. We then moved to the lower deck, where the shooting set up was equipped and adorned with antiques and in a very characteristic library. This was my favourite of the set ups, as it set the scene and allowed for imagination to run wild with stories as the shoot went on. This was where the guests had a buffet lunch after the award ceremony.

Overall, it was a brilliant day, and I would love to work with the other 2 creatives again for my portfolio, and we're all up for creating some exciting shots!

That's all on that, ciao for now! A x

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