Thursday, 29 September 2011

a reflection of the present...

... to the future.

Just a number of days until what mounts to be the third and final year of another life I've been living since I was 18. University has brought me a realm of people who are now some of my bestest friends. But I've been thinking, something or someone must be watching over my choices or some form of nature takes into account what i'm thinking, 'cos I honestly don't think I could have gotten the friends I have now, if things were to be different. I wonder if anybody else feels the same as I do. If anyone wouldn't change anything in the past because it's brought you to a place where simplicity meets challenge, but in a good way. And where the meeting of people can form lifelong friendships in the blink of an eye. There's hoping, and then there's reality. What will be after this year?
My views on how to take this year are to do everything whole heartedly - not that I didn't before, but just to make sure I don't regret anything along the way.
Not to ask for things that may come naturally. The best things come to those who wait. Always a firm believer of that.
What will be will be.
So here's to a potentially life changing year, and with the coming summer months bound to zoom by any time soon, I'm excited, but nervous and dumbfounded all at the same rate.

Monday, 26 September 2011

and the winner is...

Having followed the 2011 series of Britain & Ireland's next top model, I have had two firm favourites in mind since midway through the competition. I am always a fan of this show, as it portrays a good sense of reality into what the modelling/makeup/hair design industry is all about, including runway and print work. I always come out of watching episodes with a firm view or a new and avid knowledge gained. Juste and Jade were were faves from pretty much the beginning and I was so happy they made the final! the judges know their business!
Jade is beautiful in every possible way and worked so hard in achieving her goal, that she deserved to win everything she did.

Jade Thompson
she's gonna be big.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa sigh

Nicholas Kirkwood - Autumn/Winter '11 Shoes Collection.

Such an intricate and unique design! Sometimes I think there is no way this type of shoe, from it's design, can possibly hold a person or even stand alone!
this one in particular reminds me of a black swan with its elegant and curvacious profile shape, and it's very Royal looking.

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some amazing adverts that i loooooove

and so it begins

ola people!

I don't have a clue what I'm doing or trying to achieve with a blog... but having read the latest posts of my closest friends blogger, I decided to give it a go. After all, what's the harm, right?

 As an up and coming Makeup Artist and Designer, I think I have decided to engage all my inspiration I draw from things for my makeup designing into this blog. With the Illamasqua Distinction in Makeup Art awards, it has been literally the only thing, bar others, that's been fostering my mind for the past few weeks, so what better to start my blog than an excerpt from my design inspiration.

Stemming from a university project about a cable horror show, I created a 'host' character from a story about a woman turned volatile creature living in an agoraphobic state, as a consequence of a lack of love in her life. She torments herself physically and psychologically as a result of the dark atmosphere she puts herself in. Consequently, she becomes void of any sense and emotion, and all that remains is self-revulsion and a lack of reality. While I was figuring this idea out, I was listening to 'Famous Last Words' by My Chemical Romance in which Gerard wrote the lyrics for his brother as he was going through a depressive phase and wanted out with the band. The lyrics I found to be stimulating creatively through my story, and could be a good contributing factor in terms of storyline and mood.

One of my good literary friends sent me one of her poems (she writes a lot and loves it, the geek :P), and this is amazing:

Waking nightmares, falling tears
World of darkness, midnight fears
Stifled cries, silent screams
Painful memories, broken dreams
Glistening blade, impulse dread
Instant relief, lines of red
Streaming crimson, lifetime pain
Empty feelings, alone again

Deep emotion, crying eyes
Distant hope, slowly dies

Mind unfocused, falling fast
Damaged life, unwanted past
Hidden truth, protective guise
Self hatred, intense despise
Fading light, nowhere to hide
Shattered soul, dying inside.

So yeah, this is my inspiration of the design for the live finals! But I'm not showing you the design until it's put up on the Illamasqua website, so no peeking!